Program from Fort Wayne Regional Maker Faire 2011

2011 Schedule:

Cirque Amongus

A world class collection of unique home built pedal powered vehicles that everyone can ride.

Debut of the TekVenture Maker Station

In partnership with the Allen County Public Library the maker station will be located across the street from the Main Library.

You can weld

Sponsored by Lincoln Manufacturing and Ottenweller. If you want to make something big, it helps to be able to weld metal parts together. You can try it yourself at the Faire!

Live Iron Pour

1000 Pounds of Iron and a fiery furnace, what else could be more fun. Freshly poured iron available for purchase

Weather Balloon Launches

1 each launch each day

Soldering Workshop

Learn to solder so you can build all kinds of great projects.

Tinker Town – Hands on Fun for Kids of all ages

Explore basic electricity.

Build a simple Motor.

Paper Mache Making.

Construct Popsicle stick Catapults.

Twinkie Car

The car has not one but two Twinkie cannons.


Kentucky Space – “New Frontiers for Makers in Space”

Food Revolution Seminar

Build with 80/20

Introduction to Welding

Bike Valet

Awesome Bands

Saturday October 1st 2011

12pm – 1:30pm Brad Hoyt – Harp Guitar

2pm – 3:30pm The Afrodisiacs

4pm – 6pm Moser Woods

Sunday October 2nd 2011

12pm – 1:30pm Les Nester

2pm – 3:30pm Dan Dickerson’s Harp Condition

4pm – 6pm Moser Woods

Great food from Mad Anthony and others.

Featuring Mad Anthony’s Hand Crafted Beer and Food and Brava’s Dogs.

Sashimi Tabernacle Choir

A musically enhanced 1984 Volvo. Sporting over two hundred and fifty computer controlled lobsters, bass, trout, catfish and sharks, the Choir performs a repertoire ranging from pop tunes to punk rock to classical opera. Over 200 pounds of batteries power the car, which draws over 200 amps at 6V during peak operation. Roughly 5 miles of wire was used in the control system.


Simple three wheeled vehicle (72″ long, 60″ wide) that is powered by the wind. Able to run on grass and farm ground. Top recorded speed 42 mph.

Kinetic Sculptures by Jim Merz

5 Kinetic sculptures

Gears to Go

Cogbots designs, creates and sells wooden gears to makers of all kinds- from SteamPunk fans to Woodcrafters , Jewelry and Accessory makers.

iTunes Track Rating Device

My project is a hardware device that is used to rank tracks in iTunes. Using the device you can adjust the star rating of the track that is currently being played in iTunes on the PC. The brain of the device is a Phidgets board. ( It connects to the PC via USB.There is a program that runs on the PC that connects to iTunes. The program is written in C# and connects to iTunes using the COM interface. I would be willing to do a workshop on using Phidgets boards or on Programing C#.

Wii Bowling Lego Robot

A lego robot that plays Wii Bowling. Guests can try their hand to beat the robot. Kids found a general design on the net then they have modified it to be more robust. The robot can bowl a perfect game. We may have another design that does Wii basket ball but this is right now in the planning stages.

Make Your own Mobius Band Sculpture!

I will show people how to make the pattern to carve their own Mobius Band/Strip sculpture; which is perhaps the only optical illusion You can hold in Your hand, and has serious Mystical implications. If electricity is available i will bring my main tool, a Foredom Flex-Shaft tool, and show people how easy it is to work with (but a regular electric hand drill will work also). People could use the tool to do some sanding with if they wanted to, to get a feel for the work.

First LEGO League

This is to display the First Lego League with IPFW. Please also coordinate this with Carol Dostal at IPFW 481-6905 This is a event that IPFW hosts in December that engages kids 9 – 14 to learn about science and robotics through the use of Legos.

The Little Crane That Could

This is a 1:16 scale model boom crane. It id fully articulated with functioning tracks, boom rotation, extension and elevation. It uses a powered grapple to pick up logs from the ground and place them on a 1:16 scale flat bed trailer. All functions are operated by electric geared motirs. The electrical power is supplied by recharageable batteriess. The batteries are recharged by an on-board generator that is driven by an on-board stirling engine. The stirling engine is poweref by a small butane torch.

Technology Assisted Art

I don’t have a single project, but a collection of smaller projects all centered around the theme of collaboration with technology in the art making process. I work in both the performance and decorative spaces with the help of mobile robots, drawing machines, digital synthesizers, and light displays. I like to keep my display low key and interactive. I bring a complete development environment with me, building and developing during the event, engaging the audience to participate in the creative process, not really in a hands-on way, but more in an improvisational-hacking-ideas-from-the-crowd sort of way.

Solar Sewing

I draw with a sewing machine. I do collaborative designs with a portable sewing rover powered by solar or a bicycle electric generator. I ask people to imagine a scenario; to say it in 5-words-or-less and I sew a patch for them on the spot. People can ride the bicycle and generate the electricity for their own patch. It is my mission to inspire peopleís creativity and to demonstrate alternative energy sources.


I am with the NORTHEAST INDIANA MACHINIST GROUP. I use precision machine tools to make models, such as, various designs of:: Stirling engines, IC engines, chess sets. cannons, etc. I also do aluminum sand casting. Mostly art type items. I can e-mail photos. I don’t have links to anything.

fish stick computer

computer that has been repuurposed as a fish tank

South Adams Machine Trades

Projects designed, engineered, machined and assembled by high school student in the South Adams / Area 18 Machine Trades Class we will try to have a small benchtop cnc lathe ready to bring up we would like to be set up with the Machinists’ Group of Northeast Indiana


NBitWonder is a West Lafayette, IN – based DIY electronics website, and community. We develop software, tools, and tutorials to help electronics hobbyists, as well as open source hardware projects. You can check us out at our website Projects we will be showcasing at the Fort Wayne Maker Faire include:A digital color-changing lightsaber; A business card persistence of vision (POV) device; An open source DC motor driver tailored for home etching; An 8-bit embedded web server; A Class-D Audio Amplifier, and more.

Zeeb Knives

I’d like to display my work as well as have “”how to”” videos playing.

Indiana Tech Explorer Post 2829

Explorer Post (Boy Scout subsidiary for high school students) devoted to autonomous robotics. Meets during school year, has biweekly classes to teach microcontroller programming. Goals is to compete in local contest at Science Central and National Robotics Challenge in Ohio.


Ubimark books are enhanced with 2d codes, which extend the book into the digital world. With an iPhone or other appropriate Internet mobile phone you can participate in online conversations about the book, its characters, or author. The book also links books to online interactive maps. Last, but not least, each chapter of the book is linked to its audio and video versions, which can be streamed or downloaded onto the mobile phone. Readers can put the book down, get in the car or on the treadmill to follow the story of the book on their iPhones or Smartphones without missing a beat. More details at .

Singer Longarm

A 60 year old Singer sewing machine which has an 8-inch throat depth was “”stretched”” by 14 inches to make the throat depth 22 inches. This allows the machine to be used for quilting , either with or without a large machine quilting frame. Visitors to the Maker Faire will be able to try out the machine by actually quilting the quilt top that is in the frame.

Gravity Works IV

A chain reaction machine designed and constructed to be portable enough to allow it to be transported easily. It was used extensively in various schools in order to encourage participation the the Chain Reaction Challenge competition.

The Print Factory

The Print Factory is a mobile public art intervention hosting portable printmaking workshops on random street corners and in art galleries across the United States. All of the tools are hand-crafted by Print Factory Crewmembers. Each person who encounters a Print Factory Workshop is given an opportunity to have a hands-on engagement with the printmaking process and to take home a free print from a local artist.

Art Bot admires Kinkade v0.2

Created for the Sharpie Show at Artlink this work is my first exercise in creating a mobile autonomous work. Rather than render an image with a Sharpie – I desired to create a work which generated a Sharpie work as a performance. In this version, Art-Bot randomly travels across a section of illustration board on a table top surface. Just below the illustration board is a magnetic surface. The bot uses the magnetic field as a muse and then selects a color to draw. In a fairly aggressive pointillistic fashion this bot renders fairly simple geometric compositions.

Over the top Robotics And More

We will have an interactive robotics display including a robot sumo ring . and possibly some promotinal material for ROBOFEST. WE also have a few unique bikes ( or vehicles ot display or ride.) and if possible a fire breathing dragon.

80/20 Main Space 20 x 20

20 x 20 Area – we plan on having the demo van and gurney. Two literature(flip-book) stands. Project gallery. Play with us table of parts and pieces- a hands on activity.. Large screen monitor. E-bay station.

Wildgrass Designs

etched glass wind chimes, candle bottles, & incense burners created from used wine bottles & recycled glass stuff art pieces designed & created from native regional woodland artifacts w/ etched glass accent pieces

Marshmallow shooters

Levi White is at it again! He wants to be in Ft Wayne faire. Marshmallow shooters are lots of fun made from pvc pipe and parts!

Survival Bracelets

Survival bracelets made from paracord!

Will White

Will White would love to make GAK at Ft. Wayne

Home Winemaking

Display the equipment needed to make your own wine,and explain the entire process of fermenting fruit into wine.


We will be showcasing L2Bots and Lego NXTs controlled by Android phones.

Bathroom Ventilation Fan and Damper Replacement Insert

This product is a replacement insert bathroom ventilation fan with a build-in damper for existing bathroom ventilation fans made by the Broan and NuTone companies. The purpose of the patented damper feature is to keep heat in the house during the winter and prevent humidity from wicking in during the summer, which will reduce the amount of energy usage of the home and lower the home ownerís utility bills.

Headbands and Hair Bows

I make and sell flower headbands, clips, hairbows, and greeting cards along with some other specialty items like tutus. All things girly! Not only would I love to bring my items to sell, but I can also provide and experience for kids to make their own headbands or hair clips. Here is a link to my picture album of bows. Please feel free to browse the rest of the site to see examples of my other crafts. Thank you! Melissa Rose

magikjaz creations

I use mailling techniques to create chainmaille jewelry and home decor accessories using mostly aluminum rings, which makes it naturally hypoallergenic and much lighter than traditional chainmaille items.

Dreamscapes and the Paranoid

Dreamscapes and the Paranoid is an interactive experience that will be activated at the Maker Faire at Headwaterís Park on October first, and will continue on through the second. Andres Montenegro and Allen Etter, of the IPFW Visual Communication andDesign Department, have created a bizarre world of animation and live action dreams that can be altered and manipulated by the individual experiencing the event. Using motion detectors, lasers and proximity sensors simple hand gestures or the movement of your body can affect the outcome and story of the projected dream.

Cub Scout Catapults

Participants will make a miniature catapult from popsicle sticks! We will then give them “”ammo”” and a target to practice with! They can then take the projects home as a reminder of the great fun that Cub Scouting can be!


PYPline is a place for your Maker Community to share and collaborate on ideas, projects, and events from anywhere in the world with other makers. PYPline brings together the collective knowledge of a community and connects it in a unique productive social atmosphere made possible by the communities’ unique culture of sharing and the do-ocracy that surrounds it.

Rose-Hulman Human Powered Vehicles

The 7-time ASME Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (HPVC) championship team from the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (Terre Haute, IN) will bring 1-2 of their previous vehicles, a poster display, and members will be on hand for Q&A.

Radio Controlled Scale Models ships and boats

Our club builds RC ships and boats from a variety of sources (kit-bashing, semi-kits) as well as completely from scratch. We would be willing to only display completely scratch-built, hand-crafted models.


We will operate and demonstrate various sizes and models of 3D Printers. From a printed parts Huxleys, to laser cut Mendel and Mondos. As well as a new fully assembled Laser printer that is priced under 600.00

14′ Mid-evil Trebuchet

Let’s go chuck’n! We’ll set up in a very spacious area and will launch anything we can get our hands on! We will do a football launch that will through a football to a person standing 30′ away. We will throw melons and other produce. Extreme safety will be taken to keep everyone safe. (roped off areas, safety glasses, air horn before launch) Also, many educational tools to help explain how a trebuchet works. Maybe we will bring materials to build your own mini-treb.

Operation “PHENICIE 2012”

This is a collection of space craft that has been developed by small business and entrepreneurs to explore outside worlds in search for new energy sources. Here on Earth we have blown up and capped our oil wells and have been forbidden by the UN and the social elitist to use our own natural resources to fuel our homes and businesses. Millions are starving and confused and are looking to the predictions of the Aztec calendars. Without a voice in Washington or in the UN to change this ultimate path of self induced destruction we will cease to exist in 2012. We the warriors of truth and honor will survive as we fight to provide for energy for our families in-spite of the evil around us.

Fenris Forge, Blades and blacksmithing

I was contacted by your rep, and asked to fill this out, as part of the Indiana Blacksmithing assoc.

Affordable Wireless Interactive Whiteboard

Our interactive whiteboard is an affordable and wireless alternative to existing products. This infrared based system allows the user to have full control of their PC at the board along with full annotation capabilities. Please stop by our booth for a family friendly interactive demonstration.

Eugene the Giant Parade Puppet

Giant Parade Puppet. (Is the room 13 ft. high?) Three operators. We can only be there one day. Which day would be best? Or we can just show up, if that works.

Lazy Dog Software-Defined Radios

Software-defined shortwave radio receiver for shortwave listeners and amateur radio operators. Optional transmitter module for licensed amateur radio operators. Available as a kit or assembled. Connects to a personal computer via USB and soundcard for control and signal processing. Exhibit will include a live demo; attendees will be able to tune in various radio signals with a mouse.


My youngest son is a drummer. He had an idea to incorporate a light show into the bass drum head on his drum set. We developed a couple prototype units. The latest design incorporates RGB LED boards and microprocessor control. There is a circuit that “listens” to the music being played and then lights up the LED boards accordingly. We currently have a drum kit with this lighting system attached to the face of the bass drum.

Space Coconuts

The space coconuts are interactive electronic sculptures. Each unit conceals a capacitive proximity sensor, sequencer, LED lights, and several audio oscillators. When participants move near or touch the coconuts they respond with increasingly agitated patterns of light and sound. The space coconuts are an offbeat segue into analogue electronics; my circuits are open source and the sensors are homemade.

Youth BOT

High school robotics competition for Local highschools team in North east Indiana

Plastic Fantastic

Display of sculptures made from found plastic objects as well as demonstrations and hands-on activities using plastic objects

Ron Mudd Productions

Film and Video

Three Rivers Woodworkers

Do you like working with wood? Want to learn to finish or shape various woods into beautiful works of art or utility? Do you want to learn to turn wood into bowls, urns, pots? Do you want to build or refinish furniture for home, office, or church. Do you want to learn to use various hand and power tools? This is the group to help you.

Ostlund Custom Works “Beauty in imperfection”

I make functional art, home decor and jewelry with scrap metal.

Glass Park

Glass blowing on a torch

TheK2BShow – Music Technology Therapy Lab experiment

Electronic and exploratory music technology for hands-on experimental music production and audio fun. Walkers by will have the ability to get hands on the gear and make their own music. There will be continuous drum beats and other sounds coming from machines and computers and other electronic sound production devices. The resulting sounds will be recorded throughout the event and then edited for musicality and compiled into a Mix to be archived at Tek Venture. The individual recording tracks will be made available for a future Tek Venture REMIX event. (nice, eh?)


The Fort Wayne Astronomical Society would like to exhibit a 34-foot long, 1-quarter- scale model of the 150-foot Hevelius telescope built in 1647. This model was built from scratch by club members as part of the observance of 400th anniversary of telescopes. We also would display member Phil Hudson's full-size replica of Galileo's telescope. Making of personal telescopes is a popular hobby among amateur astronomers. FWAS hopes to have one or more examples of these on display.rnrnrnrn

Hevelius Telescope, 38ft model

From 1647 to 1670, Joseph Hevelius built the worlds longest refractor telescopes. This is a 1/4 scale model of his largest. This model is 34 ft long. The unsteadiness of his telescope made it impossible to line up the lenses for astronomical observations and proved to be useless. Is this model accurate in that regard? Take a look yourself at Fort Wayne Regional Maker Faire‚Ñ¢.

The Little Engine That Could

Fully functional hand-built internal combustion engine that's smaller than a bread box.

The Lawn Tender and Putter

” Makers of yesteryear designed and built this LAWN TENDER AND PUTTERER, a 26 foot long human-powered kinetic art machine to do many yard chores while the operator relaxes in the ‘air conditioned’ cabin.” The machine may be operated from time to time by myself or others appointed to do so but is not available for contact by spectators.


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