Ladies and Gentlemen it’s once again time to search the trash for discarded ride on electric vehicles. Beg, borrow or buy batteries and motors, and duct tape it all together because this year’s Fort Wayne Regional Maker Faire – Powered by TekVenture will again play host to a different type of racing competition.

For the last few year’s TekVenture has held “The Race”, a drag race that pits motorized creations against obstacles of wood chips, water, sand and pea gravel in a two lane drag race format. During our first year a team broke an axle and milled a new one on-site. That kind of thing does not happen at your average community fair.

We’re sad to say we won’t be holding “The Race” this year but are happy to say it’s because we will again be a sanctioned stop on the national Power Racing Series circuit!

Teams earn points in various categories at each stop of the circuit. The team with the most points secures bragging rights at the end of the racing season. In fact, if a team is in title contention, they must attend the race in Fort Wayne to receive any potential prizes, since Fort Wayne is the last race before the championship weekend in New York.

The Power Racing Series is a combination of shorter heat races and a 45 minute long endurance race all with modified children’s electric toys ridden by “adults”!  Looks and team spirit add to the fun through the Moxie Awards.

The Power Racing Series is a national event. Stops on the 2014 circuit include Maker Faires in San Mateo, CA, Kansas City, MO, Detroit, MI (July. 26&27), Fort Wayne, IN (Sept. 13 & 14), and the World New York Maker Faire (Sept. 20&21.)  Additionally, there are exhibition races in Chicago, Milwaukee and Atlanta. Details, rules and registration information can be found here.

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