It’ official. Maker Faire Fort Wayne will once again host the Power Racing Series, a different type of car competition. This super fun series of races features adults riding modified kids electric cars that might go as fast as 20 miles per hour. Yikes! That sounds scary on hairpin turns.

Scott Rizzo (AKA “The Huminator”), famous locally for building The Twinkie Shooting Dragster among other interesting items, has worked hard to bring the Power Racing Series to Fort Wayne.  Other stops on the series include:

San Mateo, CA (May 16 & 17)
Kansas City, MO (June 27 & 28)
Detroit, MI (July 25 & 26)
Fort Wayne, IN (Aug. 8 & 9)
World New York Maker Faire, NYC (Sept. 26 & 27)
Atlanta, GA (TBD)

Wonder what it would be like to race in the series.  Here are some highlights from the inaugural Fort Wayne Race.

The Power Racing Series IS for everyone.  Simply find an old sidewalk car in the trash.  Beg, borrow or buy motors, batteries and such, duct tape it all together (mostly following the rules) and bring it to the track.  The – hiccup, if you want to race in Fort Wayne, you MUST register a team via the Power Racing Series AND complete a Call for Makers as a Racer.

Teams earn points in various categories at each stop of the circuit. The team with the most points secures bragging rights at the end of the racing season. The Power Racing Series is a combination of shorter heat races and a 75 minute long endurance race all with modified children’s electric toys ridden by “adults”!  Looks and team spirit add to the fun through the Moxie Points.

*** Important Note: The Rules have been updated since last year so check them out and Make Sure Your Car is still “legal“.

Don’t miss the official opening to racing activities!

Our friends at WANE-TV tell us special guests will again join us for the “Celebrity Racing Challenge” at HIGH NOON on Saturday, August 8!

Last year Mayor Tom Henry joined us for some very entertaining moments but all were ultimately beat out by The Journal Gazette’s Frank Gray. Rumor has it he’ll be back to defend his title this year.

Questions? Contact us.

Race and Pit sponsorships are available. Contact us to learn more.