So What is the Fort Wayne Regional Maker Faire Anyway?

The Fort Wayne Regional Maker Faire® is a 2-day family-friendly event to showcase Makers and the cool things they’re making in their basements and garages.  In partnership with Make Magazine, the voice of the DIY or Maker movement, the FWR Maker Faire will include attractions to draw public interest; hands-on workshops for learning how to solder, weld, learn about basic electricity, glass blowing, and more; seminars for a more in-depth look at a wide variety of topics; great food for purchase, “The Race”, and live entertainment.

This event is unique in that Makers are asked to actually make something in their exhibit, offer some type of hands on opportunity, or at the very least, convey to visitors process, tools, and materials they used to make whatever it is that they exhibit.  Maker Faires are really hard to describe in detail.  You just have to come to experience the creative energy in the air.  Think of the Fort Wayne Museum of Art’s Chalk Walk only in 3D.

A benefit for TekVenture, a not-for-profit art and technology laboratory being built near downtown, the FWR Maker Faire is the place to be.  Maker Faires are the only place under one tent for checking out art projects, robots, woodworking, technology wizards, crafters, machinists and others as they connect with one another to share ideas and learn new ways of making things.  The cool thing is you might just learn something too.


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