You Too Can be a Maker

All humans are interested in learning how things are made.  Whether it’s a widget, a painting, a video game, a robot, a new dish with vegetables from you garden, a building, or a modified car.  That’s why the TV show How Things are Made is so successful.  Makers are the folks who not only want to find out things are made, they are compelled to take things apart to find out why, or how to make something bigger, or better, or more efficient.

If you are one of these people, you could exhibit as one of our Makers too.  If you’re working on cool projects at home, have an idea for a product you want to share with others, etc., complete the Call for Makers on this website and meet other Makers just like you.

Either way, join us Oct. 6 & 7 for the 2nd Annual Fort Wayne Regional Maker Faire – Powered by TekVenture and learn more about the process, tools, and materials creative and innovative people use for making things.  If you’re not a Maker, who knows, you may just want to start making things too.


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