Maker Faire Goes Green

Part of the Maker ethos is reuse, recycle, and re-green.  We’re happy to say Ephraim Smiley, a local Maker who makes garden tools out of the everyday waste stream,  will be showing off his unique designs.  Ephraim, is known as the “Jolly Green Giant” and has been leading the green movement in Northeast Indiana for over 30 years through Fort Wayne Urban Farmers and their feeding the hunger programs.

We’re also happy to announce GreenDog Goods will be at the Maker Faire.  Green Dog Goods is a locally owned pet supply store that focuses on holistic goods and services including training and pet grooming.  They make their own shampoo in-house for the grooming salon and for sale in their retail store.  They also make all-natural treats (dehydrated chicken, beef liver, sweet potato crisps, and pumpkin and rice crunchies.)  They also feature a number of local artists who create unique items for pets (Bottle Cap Collars, Tutus, and other seasonal items.

Whether feeding the disadvantaged, your pet, or purchasing wonderful food for your family made by local vendors, Maker Faire has it all!


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