Rizzo Can’t Get Enough of Racing

View from The Huminator's Pit

View from The Huminator’s Pit

Congrats goes to Scott Rizzo AKA The Huminator for placing 6th for his first Power Racing Series entry at the Detroit Maker Faire.

Fort Wayne is the next stop on the circuit which is the last stop before series winners are announced at World Maker Faire New York, Sat., Sept. 20 & 21.

Unfortunately after breaking his axle like 3 times during the speed heats on Saturday, mechanical problems precluded Rizzo from racing the 75-MINUTE enduro race that runs Sundays.

Batman Tries A New Approach

Batman Tries A New Approach

Most of the teams were lucky to finish in fact. Batman’s team couldn’t get his running so he ran around the track wearing his car. Another team Duct taped their car to the actual driver. The challenge was when she lost her wheels and couldn’t get the car untaped in order to push it over the finish line. Hilarity also ensued when Doyle Huge shot the drivers with canons filled with stuffed toys and plastic balls.

The announcers were so funny our faces hurt from laughing. Check out the fun with The Huminator’s Helmet Cam and come see what these crazy drivers will do to win speed or Moxy points at the Fort Wayne Regional Maker Faire – Powered by TekVenture.


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