Fort Wayne Maker Inspires Live Welding At Maker Faires Worldwide!

We had a blast at the Detroit Maker Faire this year! Thanks to the Henry Ford in Dearborn for being such great hosts. Their planning team is awesome.

Maker Faire Fort Wayne event producer Jane Applegate joined by Doyle, Dale, Jeff and his friend.

Maker Faire Fort Wayne event producer Jane Applegate joined by Perez, Dougherty, Esmerelda and Doyle.

We saw folks we’ve gotten to know over the years like Doyle Huge from Detroit who built GonKiRin, a 65′ fire-breathing dragon, and Mark Perez of San Francisco, builder of The Life Size Mousetrap. Also got a few minutes with Dale Dougherty as he dashed off to the airport. Dougherty is Founder and CEO of Maker Media, Craft, and other successful brands and according to CNN, considered the “Father of the Maker Movement.”

Jasmins When Pigs Fly

“When Pig Fly” by Black Sheep Welding

It was so exciting when professional welder and artist Jasmin Hartman of Black Sheep Welding (see Flying Pig photo) was introduced as manager of the Welding Arena at the Fort Wayne Faire.

Dougherty asked her to write a story for Makezine to encourage more females to learn welding – plus we’ve now inspired live welding at Maker Faires globally of which there will be over 140 Faires in 2014.


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