Meet Your Makers: Team Hypnocube

Gene Foulk and Chris Lormont, Makers from Ann Arbor, MI, will back for their 3rd Maker Faire in Fort Wayne. Former software developers that decided to jump into hardware. They created the first proof-of-concept for what becameHypnocube’s first product in 2005.

Gene Foulk of Team Hypnocube at 2014 Fort Wayne Maker FaireThe original Hypnocube is a 4x4x4 LED box that includes a digital controller and USB interface used for controlling LED lights in specific fun patterns. They had seen a 10x10x10 version online that used red LEDs, thought it was cool, and much like most Makers, knew they could build a better version and offer more colors. Deciding to offer a kit version that could be assembled by customers, their first product was off and running.

Then in 2011 a kit customer asked if a product he had seen online was theirs. They bought one for the heck of it and it turns out the competitor was using their software for a commercial use product. Needless to say, a cease and desist was issued.

The good news is Hypnocube rolled out their second product in the form of a 8×8 model called the Hypnosquare, an ambient light display for home or office. The micro-controller controls 64 RGB LEDs in 51 distinct animated patterns and 10+ transition effects including thousands of colors. We’re lucky to have one at TekVenture. The company also adapted to customer needs and now offers both kit and assembled versions of both models.

Come meet Gene and Chris at Maker Faire Fort Wayne to see what new prototype they are working on. We’re sure it will add cheer to any holiday season. It will also be a game changer for anyone who has a project in which they want to control up to 10,000 LEDs. This is exciting as popular controllers on today’s market can only control up to 500 LEDsS.


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