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Have Just a Few Hours to Spare?

Volunteer a shift or two at Maker Faire Fort Wayne and receive free entry and a T-shirt. In fact, you can even print your own if so inclined – you just have to design the art first.

It’s easy to register and you get to see tasks and times available to meet your busy schedule. We have many, many slots to fill so share a little time while meeting truly innovative people, seeing cool projects and learning new things you never knew you wanted to learn. We might work you like a dog but you’ll leave the Faire with a smile, possibly a new friend, and more than likely, a spark of a new idea or way of doing things.

Please let tell your friends and get them to volunteer at the Faire. They’ll thank you in the end.

The Power Racing Series to Pit Stop in Fort Wayne!

We’re approaching 10 registered teams at Fort Wayne’s Stop of the Power Racing Series. The series is much like a NASCAR event only teams are racing modified electric kid’s cars.  Other stops along this year’s Maker Faire circuit include San Mateo, CA, Kansas City, Detroit and World Maker Faire New York

Power Racing Series

Power Racing Series

to be held Sept. 21 & 22, just a week after our Faire. Over 250,000 people might have seen some of these teams race.

We have a few lanes open so register your team in the Series or just drag race through obstacles of sand, water, gravel and mulch.

The Mad Rocketeers are Coming

Mad Sasquatch Rocketry is a small model rocket group from SE Michigan that will join us for the first time this year. They have over 50 rockets between its members including a clear model so you can see how they fit everything inside. 

They use rockets made from kits and others built from scratch using black Poser Estes engines and basic materials such as cardboard, balsa fins, a plastic nose cone, and glue.

Mad Sasquatch Rocketry loves to build, paint and fly rockets so don’t be surprised if you see rockets flying at the Faire. Our dream come true.

As an added treat, they’ll be showing off a fully-functional Giant Operation Game that guests are encouraged to play. The nose even lights up and sounds an alarm when you touch the sides. Come to Maker Faire to test your hand at this unique version of the nostalgic game.
Mad Sasquatch Rocketry Giant Operation Game

Maker Faire Fort Wayne Tickets Now Available

If you aren’t a Maker and want to check out interesting projects made by tinkerers, inventors, technologists, woodworkers, artisans, crafts people, and others, come visit us at the Maker Faire.  We guarantee you will leave having learned something new, made something with your own 2 hands, or will just be inspired.  Who knows, maybe you’ll find you’re a Maker too!

Purchase tickets today.

2013 Call for Makers is Open

Hello all you tinkerers, fabricators, artisans, robot builders, green technologists, and other Maker types.  The 2013 Fort Wayne Regional Maker Faire Call for Makers is open.  Register today to participate as an exhibitor so you can meet other Makers and share the tools, materials and processes used in making your projects.  Apply now so we can promote that you’ll be joining us.  Just click on the Makers tab and complete the Call for Makers.  Have questions?  Contact Us.  

Thanks to Jim Fisler of Fire and Ice for being the first Maker to register for 2013!  He’ll share how to “build” a computer case using liquid resin.

Thanks also to the local chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) for being the first community group to register. They will have a small hands-on project demonstrating tools, materials and techniques used in aluminum aircraft construction. Those completing this project will be able to take it with them – what we lovingly call a Make & Take.

See you at the Faire!