2011 FWR Maker Faire Fan Favorite Mark Phenicie Returns in 2012

By day local  operates Phenicie Furniture Restoration in Huntertown, Indiana, but by night, he makes things some might call otherworldly.

Mark taught himself how to weld just over 4 years ago and ever since, he’s been using scrap metal and other found objects along with his new skills to build things only his mind can imagine.

At the 2011 FWR Maker Faire, Mark filled an entire exhibit with spaceships and other forms to help tell the story of man’s fight against the Kludonites as we expand beyond our own own galaxy.  Asked why he created this particular story, Phenicie said, “well I started by working on an oxygen tank for a B52 bomber and things just took off from there.”

Check out the 2012 FWR Maker Faire to see Mark’s Deep space oil recovery helicopter mounted on a monopod oil rig and what mission Operation Phenicie has undertaken over the last year. 



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