Decatur Maker Curtis Rose to Showcase Wood Sculptures

Curtis Rose. a resident of Decatur, IN will be displaying his beautiful wood sculptures based on the Mobius Band/Strip math concept.  His works offer a visual mystery in that there is a surface with only one side and only one edge but it is hard to see in his 3-dimensional art forms.

Recently one of his pieces was purchased by the City of Fort Wayne and presented by Mayor Tom Henry to Xue Shaoxian, Chairman of the Taizhou Municipal People’s Congress during a ceremony marking the joining of Taizhou, China, as a sister city.  The piece was purchased while Rose’ work was being exhibited at Fort Wayne Museum of Art’s Members Show. Curtis also has a piece on display at Parkview North which exemplifies his vision of a heart.

Join Curtis at the FWR Maker Faire to see his artwork and learn how to make your own paper Mobius Strip. Check out this article by the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette or view a short video by Jaclyn Youhana.


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